Meet Me!

No one has ever accused me of being shy.  In fact many people will tell you that I'm rather outgoing.  I consider myself both - the shy/outgoing type.  You're probably  wondering how that could be possible....well, I'll tell you.

For those that know me - I am outgoing!  I love to chat, laugh, and sing.  If you give me a microphone - watch out.  But for those people I don't know or whom I'm not around all the time - I'm rather shy....I keep my opinions to myself and try NOT to make waves.  (People who know me are probably laughing right about now....but it's true!).

I started blogging in December of  2010 and decided I enjoyed it.  I wanted to create a 'professional blog' to share the many things that I learned in my graduate classes.  (I was enrolled in an Assistive Technology program from Simmons College in Boston, MA)

Being a regular educator I wasn't sure if the program was right for me.  I totally fell in love with it (and my fellow classmates).  There were so many new things that I felt would benefit regular education students as well as special education students.

My fourth grade students are the recipients of much of my new found knowledge.  I feel that by sharing (via this blog) my students and many others will benefit!

What I've found though, is that my blogging has not only been a way of sharing, but more importantly,  it has become a great reflection for me - a chance to revisit how I teach and how I can improve.  Twenty plus years into teaching and I'm still looking for new ideas, new ways of teaching and improving how I help kids learn.  This is one of those ways (I hope).

On the non-professional side....I am a wife, a mother of two young adults, a daughter, a sister to 4 other siblings, and aunty of five and a friend and colleague to many.   I love spending time with family (my #1 choice of things to do), reading, learning about new technology and ways to use it in the classroom (teaching is such a part of my life), kayaking, hiking, yoga, taking photographs, being out in my yard, and, I secretly enjoy trying to cook new recipes (even though my husband is the cook in the house).

I hope you will find my blog interesting enough to follow, comment on or just visit.
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