Monday, November 5, 2012

Mock Election 2012

Every four years the students at our school are treated to a Mock Presidential Election.  This year the Fourth Graders were in charge of "manning the polls".  

In preparation of the day, students created Obama/Romney posters that were to adorn the walls of the school or to be held by the campaigners during voting hours.  Students at the "check in" table were given class lists and conducted the check in just like it would be done in an actual election. Instead of "Street Name", the poll worker asked "Teacher's Name" and then proceeded to cross off the voting child's name. 
Checking In

Voters were handed a ballot then directed to the polling booths (desks with privacy screens).  
Voting in the Booth

After choosing their candidate the voter then went to the "check out" station. 
Checking Out
 The most exciting moment came when the ballots were entered into the antique ballot box.  It was actually used for the town's Precinct 6 many, many years ago.  As each ballot was entered, poll workers cranked the handle.  A distinctive "ding" alerted all that the ballot was officially entered!  
Ballot being Counted!
 At the end of the day, Poll workers tabulated the results.  A total of 458 students and staff participated in today's event.  

The final results announced at the end of the day:
264 votes for President Barak Obama and 
221 votes for Mitt Romney    
Our results were then added to the KidVote Result Google DocSchools from all 50 states are sending in their class/school results. We will review the information at the end of the week to compare our class/school with the rest of the United States. 

This 'election' experience has given the students a better understanding of events that take place at the this special time of the year.  Hoping that this experience will remain with them not only for the next four years but for many years to come!


  1. what a day that was but so fun

    1. It sure was - the results were interesting too!

  2. I wasn't there for the excitment and I'm really bummed out but I can tell that it was fun. Please reply. Thanks!

    1. I was disappointed that you missed out too. At least you helped make posters and you learned about the process anyway. Thanks for commenting.


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