Saturday, October 31, 2015

Third Annual Science Fair

Which salt melts ice the quickets?  What is the effect of increasing your running distance on jumping distance?  Does light travel faster through water or air? These are just a couple of questions that were being examined during our Third Annual Science Fair.

Using BrainPop, JP Taylor's Scientific Method Blues and other resources, students were given instruction around the Scientific Method.   To begin the process students explored a topic in Earth Science, Life Science or Physical Science and then learned about asking a question.  Following that came researching the topic, forming a hypothesis, testing that hypothesis and coming up with some conclusions. 

Students had the option of creating either a Google Presentation or a Tri-fold Board.  Most students in our class chose to complete the Google Presentation.  Some printed out some of the Google Presentation and included it on their tri-fold.  Others followed the tri-fold directions from the guiding packet.

On the day of the fair, students brought in items that helped create a visual for their project.  One student brought in the rocks and a scale he used to check for absorbancy, another brought in her lava lamp to show the effect alka seltzer has when mixed with oil & water, while another brought in the balloon & and metal items used in her experiment to show the effect of static cling on metal objects.

There was a buzz in the classroom as classes from other grade levels learned from the fourth graders about chemical reactions which create sedimentary rocks, how the weight of paper affects the distance it flies, and the reaction of certain candy to soda to which makes it explode.  Others listened intently as students explained which citrus fruit conducted electricity, which cupcake was chosen most - a smiley face or frowny face and explained how the flow of lava affects the landscape of the land.

When the Fair was all over the students completed a "Reflection."  The last question on the reflection asked students to describe the Fair in one word:  Awesome! Amazing! Fun! Educational! were just some of the descriptions.

The 4th Grade Science Fair is a worthwhile experience!

Students: What advice would you give others about completing a science fair?

Others:  What parts of the Science Fair would you like to learn more about?