Sunday, November 17, 2013

Using Google Docs

Zack showing off his "bats"
Our district has gone "Google Apps for Education" which means that we are using "all things Google", documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.  With this initiative our school recently received a couple class size sets of "Chrome books."

Well, Room 310 couldn't wait to have a chance to use them!  Students first started by learning the different ways to log in to their Google Accounts.  Using their school usernames and passwords they can easily access their accounts from school and home!

Next students learned how to create a folder where they will place all their digital work.  That folder was shared with me along with any items that get placed in the folder.  Check out this video that Morgan and Shaylyn made showing how easy it is to create and share a folder.

Thanksgiving Dinner by Maggie S.
After that, students learned to create a document.  The first document they created was about their "Scary Stories". (These narratives are a work in progress).  As an added incentive students were allowed to add a "Drawing" to their work.  Using the Drawing app in Google the kids quickly were able to add a complimentary drawing that added to their stories.

This process was repeated again when they formulated their Jack Prelutsky-style Exaggerated Poems about Thanksgiving.   Please check out the examples.  Great poetry & great drawing!

What I love best about using Google documents is that I can give immediate feedback in the form of comments on student work - WHILE they are working.  As they are each writing I can literally "see" what they are doing from my computer and make suggestions, corrections without drawing the attention of other students.  More to come on this later!

Students:  What advice can you give others about using the Document or Drawing apps?


  1. Google docs are great for stoarage and your own writing. Google drawing apps are as much fun as the documents! In Google drawing you can change your color hues,shapes,and you can even make things transparent!

    1. Lulu,

      I’m Hayley and I am just wondering what do you type up in the google taskbar?

      Kindest Regards, Hayley

    2. Lulu,

      I’m Hayley and I am just wondering What is the search word for the app?

      Kindest Regards, Hayley

  2. Morgan in mrs. carroll's classNovember 18, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    It can be a little hard getting the drawing exactly how you would want.

    1. Hi Morgan,
      It must be really frustrating not being able to get the drawing exactly how you want it, but it must be fun.
      I have been reading the other comments and it all looks good. How often do you use this?
      I hope we can talk again soon Morgan.
      From Rebecca

    2. Hello Rebecca,
      when my teacher Mrs. Carroll asigns a project in google drive after were done like with a excperiment we could draw how the excperiment went
      Hope we can chat again
      From Morgan

  3. Morgan in Mrs. Carroll's ClassNovember 19, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    I'm Morgan,
    When you are using the Google Chrome Drawing it can be hard to exactly get what you were
    thinking of!

  4. Hi everyone! I really enjoy using the Google chrome drawing tool because you can make a lot of grand drawings on it, just using basic shapes. I love using Google chrome drawing !

    1. Hi Shalyn,
      The Google chrome drawing tool sound really cool. I like drawing in my free time and next time I have some I'll try it.
      From Tom

    2. Hi Tom,
      I hope that you will have some free time soon so you can use Google chrome drawing. I,m sure you,ll agree that its really great to explore Google drawing, although some times its hard to get things to go exactly where you want it to go ! I hope we can talk again soon.Until then i hope you in the meantime can use Google drawing!

  5. Hi Mrs Carroll
    I love how you put Jack Prelutsky's website on the blog now very one in class can read it! I have to finish homework! Bye

  6. Hi Mrs.Carroll,
    my advice would be it might be hard at first but you will get the hang of it when you do it more than once.
    see you tomorrow ,

  7. Hi Mrs.Carroll
    Its really hard to draw exactly what your thinking of.Even with the shapes if you wanted to make an up side down plastic cup in your drawing. Bye!

  8. Hi Mrs. Carroll,

    I was just wondering whether the school payed for the Google apps or not and does the school supply computers to the students?

    yours sincerely, Tim.

  9. Hi Mrs Carroll's class

    That sounds really interesting because I love electronics nearly any electronic and I work well with them, hopefully you have a great year with the Google spreadsheets etc.

    Kind Regards Angus

  10. Hi Mrs Carroll`s class
    It sound very intresting about the google tools. I have never used any of them before.
    From Daniel

  11. Hi Mrs Carroll's class,

    It is very cool that you can use Google spreadsheets and docs. I really wish we could use it too. Hope you have a good year and study hard with your computers.

    yours sincerely, Tim.

  12. Dear Mrs Carroll’s Class.
    I do think it is a great idea but I want to know more about the ‘Chrome Books’ and the ‘Google Spread Sheets’
    Regards $am.

  13. Hi Mrs Carroll,
    Wow Google Docs sounds interesting. Here in Australia we have Google. Google is a searching tool we have. We can look at maps, images ,the web and we can change the background of our searching part. We can also put links to some good websites.
    Kind Reagrds

  14. Hi Mrs Carroll’s class,

    Google spreadsheets sounds like fun! I really enjoy using computers and I might try it out at home. Good luck with it!

    From Nelson

  15. Hi Mrs Carroll’s class,
    This sounds interesting I like drawing (I am pretty good if I say so myself) but I don’t usually use a computer.
    Is it frustrating not having it exactly how you want/ I guess, if it is it would be fun anyway.
    Do you use it much?
    Thanks Chloe :)

  16. Hi Mrs Carroll’s class

    I am not an expert on the computer but what is google docs is it like Microsoft Document

    From Blake

  17. Hi Mrs Carroll’s class,
    I agree with Angus they do sound interesting. I love electronics to and I would give any type of electronic device.
    From Callum.

  18. Hi Mrs Carroll’s class,

    I think using Google for everything is a great idea. It sounds very fun and easy. It sounds like the Google Drawing app sounds like it is really enjoyable!


  19. Hi Mrs Carrols class,
    I think the everything about google idea is fantastic. Google is a great learning tool, I would highly recommend it. It sounds a lot of fun. I have read your spooky stories and I think they are brilliant. It’s fantastic that you have google to share your amazing work with us. Have fun with google.
    Best regards
    Tilda (Australia).

  20. I agree with Patrick
    That if you use the internet more than once you will get the hang of it and be really good. and you will be the best at using the internet.
    From Josh

  21. Hi Mrs Carroll's class

    when did you get the chrome books and what do you get to do on them.

    From Ben

    1. Maggie from Mrs.Carroll's classDecember 2, 2013 at 10:13 AM

      We got the Chromebooks sometime in October. We use them for lots of things,such as you saw in the blogs google docs,going on the class website, listening to reading and lots more things. Overall the Chromebooks are really exciting to use.

  22. 28, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    Hi Mrs Carrols class
    I would like to say the feeback is very cool but I would not use the netbook for everything I do, but is would be fun I guess I have a question with google apps do you have to down lode it from google.
    From Charli

  23. Some advice I would love to give you is that on Google Docs is that to share a document or something else is that you see on the document there is a share button which you click on to and you type your teachers name and then hit share and then your teacher can see what your doing that is interesting.

  24. Some advice I would love to give you is that on Google Docs is that to share a document or something else is that you see on the document there is a share button which you click on to and you type your teachers name and then hit share and then your teacher can see what your doing that is interesting.


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