Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Before the holiday break our school was approached by Mrs. Fair, who heard about the "Snowflake Project" that was being organized in Newtown, CT in an effort to lift the spirits of the town.  Of course we decided that we would participate and we would create some fabulous 3D snowflakes upon our return to school in January.   

Under the direction of Mrs. Marinelli, our art teacher, and with the help of the Fourth Grade Teachers, other Boyden Staff and Mrs. Fair, the students begin cutting and cutting, and taping and taping, and creating and creating!  Each student made 6 smaller pieces which when put together would make one large snowflake.  Students chatted, worked together,  helped each other and were just generally congenial as they felt a sense of pride knowing these were 'special' snowflakes.  There was a true feeling of caring.

At then end of 45 minutes the fourth grade had built over 80 snowflakes.  Later in the day, during our art period, the students created an assembly line to add the finishing touches to these works of art. The flakes were then carefully and reverently placed in several large trash bags, awaiting transport (along with the fifth grade students' 80 + snowflakes) to one of the neighboring towns of Newtown where Mrs. Fair's mother owns a restaurant.  (We learned that Newtown is asking folks not to send anymore donations as they are inundated with the generosity of the rest of the country and the world.) It is our hope that Mrs. Fair's mother will display the snowflakes at her restaurant and sell them for a donation of $1.00.  Any money collected will then be sent off to the Newtown PTA.

Perhaps this small act of kindness will somehow brighten the day of those affected by this tragedy.   How could one not smile looking at those beautiful creations made with hearts as innocent as those  who lost their lives on that December day.

As always you would be proud of your children's efforts today! 


  1. It was certainly an honor working with the wonderful teachers from Boyden and your amazing children this morning! They were so eager to become involved and worked side by side, lending a helping hand to a friend whenever it was needed. As Mrs. Carroll mentioned, the town of Newtown has asked that no more donations be sent to the actual town of Newtown but that we continue the snowflake project in our own towns as a sign of solidarity. In addition to having them available for sale/donation in CT, I will also be speaking with the Walpole library to see if we can hang some of these beautiful works of art in the entryway and in the children's department of the new library. Thank you for sharing your talented and kind hearted children with me today! Happy New Year to all...Lisa Fair

    1. Thank you Mrs. Fair for sharing your idea and time with us. It really was such a wonderful project. All the kids working together to accomplish a goal - of course, it fit right in with our reading theme this week: "How can we work together to achieve a goal?".

      I love that the Walpole Library has graciously agreed to hang these beautiful snowflakes. Just think of all the hearts they will touch right here in our town!

      Again, thank you for your generosity, time and effort in this important endeavor!

      Kindest regards,
      Mrs. Carroll

    2. Thank you for starting the New Year off right. This is amazing.
      ~Ann Grant

    3. It truly was a great way to start the year. Something I thought was especially wonderful was the energy in the room - the way the kids worked together and laughed and smiled and chatted! Just a fun way for the 4th grade to be together doing something really positive!

  2. Those snowflakes are beautiful what work went into them, well done! Thanks for sharing your project and your talent.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! The snowflakes are so beautiful and though they look very much alike - each one is totally different. Made with love and pride by our talented students!

      Again - thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, we made 80+ snowflakes? That's awesome!


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