Friday, November 28, 2014

Green Screen Makes Learning Real...Fun!

Bay Colony Educators - Tim & Carole
This week our school was visited by the Bay Colony Educators thanks to funding by our PAC.  This husband and wife team having been coming to our school for over 20 years.  Students learn what life would be like living in the 1760's in New England. Learning about colonial homes, chores, food, clothing, school and more makes this visit interesting as it is quite extensive.

Using a graphic organizer, students take notes during the hour-long presentation. Using those notes students then were able to compare and contrast Colonial life to the lives of the Pilgrims and our own lives today.

Technology certainly has improved since the eighteenth century, and we decided to capitalize on it.  Using a Green Screen app on the iPad, DoInk, students were able to share what they learned in a fun and unique way. Using their notes students wrote about what they learned, their opinion why they
DoInk App
would and why they would not have liked to live during that time period.  Then they chose one of those topics to create a mini video.  Placed in front of the "green screen" students choose a colonial background and shared the information by creating a video on DoInk.  DoInk is easy to use.  Simply choose a background image, clipart, or background video then create the overlay video.  Save the video to your camera roll.

After saving the video to the camera roll, we used the iMovie app to create a video that can be shared via Youtube!  It really is very easy and quick.  (Except this first time since we were learning how to use the app!).

Take a look at some of the creations! Using this type of technology is engaging for the students which makes learning!



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