Sunday, September 20, 2015

Building Stamina to Read

2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 18, 20...Twenty Minutes (actually 20.41.4 minutes!)  The students have been working hard since the beginning of school to build their "stamina" during Read to Self time. By Friday of this week the class reached 20 minutes! I am so proud of their efforts. The goal for our class is to be able to be independent readers and to sustain their reading attention for 20-30 minutes. They are already on their way. 

 Building stamina takes time and training.  They have practiced finding a comfortable spot right away, stay in that one spot, read quietly the whole time and to respect others' learning while reading.  The training which began on the first day of school is hard work and students should be proud of their own efforts. 

The children understand that building stamina in reading is similar to running a marathon. You wouldn't just start by running 26.2 miles - you would gradually work your way up to it. This is what we are doing. We are 'training our brain' much like a marathoner would train their legs. There is a sense of urgency to become independent.  Once a student can read for a sustained amount of time, they are able to work on comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding their vocabulary.

One of the most important aspects of Read to Self time is that the students are reading books of interest to them. They also know that choosing a "Just Right" book is key in being able to read for extended periods of time. Students were giving the analogy: "If the Shoe Fits..." Ask your child about the "shoe lesson" that was presented in class.

Check out this presentation below that goes along with finding a book that is JUST RIGHT.

Students were asked to 'reflect' on the Building Stamina process in their journal. 
While some students said that it was an easy process for them some said it was a difficult activity. For those who thought it was 'easy' I responded that it must be that their 'brain muscles' have already been in that training mode while those who found it more difficult still need some practices.  Most all students shared that they were proud of their efforts and how they felt they worked hard.
Expectations for the upcoming week are high, and we hope to continue the 20 minute mark in Reading. This week we will also begin building stamina in writing! Becoming independent learners is a priority in Room 310!

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Happy Reading!

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  1. I love building my stamina it is very easy for me. I love to read books.


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