Sunday, March 17, 2013

MCAS, Math Centers & Moviemaking

Creating 2D & 3D figures
This week the students have spent time preparing and practicing for the upcoming MCAS test. The Long Composition is new to students and so a "dress rehearsal" of sorts was given.  The children were given a prompt and worked very hard applying the techniques taught this year.  Comments and conferences were given so students had feedback.   We are looking forward to sharing what we know this coming Tuesday!

Exploring Fractions
Students were introduced to Fractions and worked on identifying and creating Equivalent Fractions.  Students spent time each day at different Math centers.  This week the centers included:
Math Facts on Sumdog,
At Your Desk Station: reviewing area&perimeter, creating graphs & solving number puzzles
Teacher stations: learning how to use a protractor and exploring fractions using pattern blocks
Hands On: Following directions to create 2D & 3D figures

Reviewing the script on the Teleprompter
At long last creating movies using the Chroma Key or Green Screen has begun.  Using this type of technology is not only engaging but adds to the student's learning and understanding of a topic.  Read about the process and see one of the videos here.  Zach's video is about his knowledge on Siberian Huskies, Maddie R. presented information about the Iditarod and Jaami's movie referred to the Volcano he made during Genius Hour.  Stay tuned for more!


  1. The Long comp practice test was so very LONG! Can't wait!

  2. that blog was great!The green-screen idea about making class movies was an awesome idea! Can't wait to do another movie!

  3. Wow Mrs.Carroll the green screen was a pretty good idea to hang it up and do movies on it. I thinks the green screen is awesome because we can make movies on it and play on it .

  4. I think the green screen was a great idea. I had so much fun holding the camera

  5. I hope the long composition isn't hard and i can't wait to use the green screen.

  6. The math centers were fun because we got to experience different things during the different centers

  7. I like the MATH idea a lot because it gives us an opportunity to cover different topics all at the same time.

  8. I think it is cool that the techniques you taught use will really help with the long comp.

  9. It is pretty good. I wish I had not worn green so I could have gone on the green screen.


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