Thursday, May 9, 2013

Praying Mantids & Cicadas

What do Praying Mantids and Cicadas have in common?  Ask your child as that was a homework assignment late last week. Or better yet, have them show you the assignment in Edmodo!

The other day we just happened to be lucky enough to be part of a mini lesson about Praying Mantids.  A middle school Science teacher from New Jersey was LIVE Streaming a lesson.  DanDan the ScienceMan  has been waiting for his Praying Mantid egg sacks to hatch.   My students watched as the enthusiastic teacher spoke about the insect.  We quickly reviewed the information following the 5 minute lesson.  (Watch a pre-recorded version of the lesson HERE - there is a brief commercial beforehand).

Interestingly, that very same day, during our math period, I had planned my own lesson on an insect...the Magicada Septendicum or Magic Cicada.  This cicada comes out once every 17 years and this happens to be one of those years. (The math lesson was about prime numbers.) Watching the students as they watched the video of these fascinating creatures was priceless.  See the pictures below and then watch the video for yourself!

Incorporating different areas of the curriculum in one lesson helps students make connections.  It embodies what life is like in the real world - science, math, reading, writing and other disciplines all coming together instead of separately.

Video of Magicada Septendicum

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  1. Who agrees cicadas are gross and loud.


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