Sunday, September 22, 2013

Math Tools

Toss and Talk (about the Distributive Property)
This year we will be using many different "tools" that will help strengthen the student's mathematical skills.

The Distributive Property was a focus this week during math time.   Students worked at breaking apart numbers into two simpler problems.  Creating arrays on graph paper to help visualize was one strategy.  After several days of practice the students really started getting the hang of it and showed deeper understanding.
A new tool is the Scott Foresman website. Each topic is introduced via a quick video.  The video includes vocabulary needed for the lesson.  Previewing vocabulary before the lesson helps activate the learning. There is also an engaging, guided story problem based on the concept being learned.

Students will have also have access to the Scott Foresman website at school and home.   The student text is available on line as well. Usernames and passwords will be given out this week.  Perhaps you could spend an evening checking out the site with your child.

Built into the math block is a game which correlates to the day's lesson.  Students played a "Toss and Talk" game to practice breaking numbers apart.

For homework students will be given at least one question where they will need to "explain" their answer.  Explaining using math vocabulary/numbers or diagrams will be modeled in the class all year long.

An Interactive Math Notebook will be used to aid the students. It will be a used as a resource where students may refer back to the concepts and explanations.  (More to come on this topic at another time!)

Math manipulatives will be a regular part of the classroom.  Using base ten blocks, fraction tiles, power polygons, protractors will give students an opportunity for hands on learning during math.

Finally, other math websites will be used to compliment the learning.   Some favorite sites include XtraMath (to practice math facts - username & passwords will be given out this week); Sumdog (a subscription based site that practices facts & more - usernames & passwords will be given out this week.) & Sheppard Online Math Games.

With the help of these varied tools the students are sure to have a wonderful year in Math. 

Students: What has been your favorite math tool so far?


  1. Mrs.Carrol,
    I love playing toss and talk with my partner's David,Faith,and Shaylyn. me and David almost won toss and talk today. I hope we can do it tomorrow

    1. Patrick,
      I was pleasantly surprised to hear all the math talking going on. I was hoping you all would like the games!
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. I loved playing toss and talk because I got to be partnerns with my friend Pat,and it is a good and fun learning game

    3. There's nothing better than playing a game with your good friend - except learning along with him!

  2. Hi everyone! Toss and talk is a wonderful math game and I am really glad to be playing it with my group. We all work so great together. I can't wait for Math tomorrow. I'm sure it will be grand. I am looking forward to playing this game in the near future! See you all tomorrow.

    1. Hi Shaylyn,
      So happy that your group worked well together. Sometimes it's hard to work with 3 other people. Finding ways to be a good group member is what we'll be working on this year. Looks like you and your group mates are off to a good start.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi,
    I really enjoyed playing toss and talk beacause it teaches you about the distributive property and I love to be learning new math properties and ways to solve problems. I hope we will be playing a lot more toss and talk this year!
    see you tomorrow,

    1. Hi Maggie,
      I'm glad you liked the Toss and Talk. The activity we did today with the division was a little different and perhaps not as much fun. But, we are all learning as we go along - even me!

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm positive my favorite tool so far is the meter stick because you can measure bigger things than the ruler. Division is interesting because it is repeated subtraction and its more harder.

    See you on the day of our grand assembly

    From Matt

  5. I think my favorite tool is a meter stick because you can measure anything that is longer than a ruler so if you do not have other ruler and you have a meter stick you can just mesure with that

    From MORGAN

  6. my favorite tool in general are the chomebooks becuase it makes learning fun,and exiting.


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