Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quadblogging - Getting to Know Our School

This year we are Quadblogging.  That means that there are four classes exchanging ideas and comments.  One class is from Wisconsin, one is from Australia and one is from India.  We are excited to be connecting with our fourth grade friends from all over.

It is our turn to share some information.  We hope you enjoy learning about our school.

Our school has different sections built in different times.  The kindergarten and art room section was built in the 1930's.  The gym and hallway where first, second and some third grade classrooms are located was built in the 1960's.  The fourth grade wing and the upstairs where the rest of the third grade classes are was built in the 2000's.  Our school is good sized. (Maggie & David)

We love our gym.  The floor is made out of rubber.  It is also very big.  We also have a lot of athletic equipment inside the gym.  (Faith & Daniel B.)

Our mascot is the Bulldog.  He was carved out of a log in 2008.  The who carved it went by the name of "The Chainsaw Guy).  He painted it too.  It welcomes the kids each day.  (Patrick & Daniel F.)

Can you tell which picture is includes the older part of our school? 


  1. Hello Patrick and Daniel,
    I love your school and especially your mascot. I love bulldogs. We don't have a mascot here.


    1. If you were to choose a mascot - what would it be?

  2. dear Mrs. Carroll's class,
    I like your school because it is some what diffrent then oursDo you guys like snow? I like snow because my birthday is in January.

    1. Most of our class DOES like snow. We might even have a Snow Day off from school. We remember when we had 2 ft of snow. How much snow do you usually get?

  3. Dear Mrs.Carroll's class
    Wow!!!!!! Your kindergarten and art room in your school was built in the 1930's that's like 80-90 years old.As you know we live by the great lakes,and we get to swim in them,but we dont get to swim in a ocean like you.I want to know how is like to swim in the ocean?
    Navy dog

    1. A lot of the time, the water is really cold and we can taste the salt water. We love to go to the beaches on Cape Cod and Maine especially. What do the Great Lakes feel like?

  4. your school is very very huge you must have a lot of fun

    from lucky12

  5. Dear Mrs.Carrals class,
    You have a very pretty school. Do you have music in your school?

    1. Our Music room is on the Stage which is also in the room where we have our lunch. In third and fourth grade we get to play the recorder. We are hoping to be able to play the xylophones soon.

  6. Dear Ms Carrol's Class...your school is very similar to ours. We also have red brick walls. This week we are super bust as we're participating in the global read aloud project. We're reading Marty mcguire.
    Are you participating?

    Grade 4AKAH


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